ChiropracticKelly Coogan, D.C. uses many different techniques including but not limited to Sacro Occipital Technique, Network Chiropractic, Activator, Drop Table, NAET, NET, and Best.


Dr. Coogan can adjust knees, ankles, wrists, and shoulders – basically any joint in the body.


New Direction Chiropractic accepts most major medical insurances (FAQ). We also accept PI cases (car accidents, slips and fall, etc.) and workman's compensation cases.


Our cash rates are affordable and we offer discounted rates for students, teachers, artists, and seniors.


Massage and detoxifying footbaths are offered at affordable prices by appointment only.


We honestly believe at New Direction Chiropractic that health care should be affordable and available to everyone.

Chiropractic in 100 words or less

Aches and pains are signs that your body isn't working right.   Your brain, spinal cord and all your nerves control how your body works.   Physical, chemical or emotional stresses produce a defensive posture.   Muscles contract, locking spinal joints that pinch or irritate nearby nerves.   Lack of nervous system integrity sets the stage for disease and ill health.   A thorough examination helps chiropractors find these subluxations.   Applying a precise force to stuck spinal joints helps the body right itself.   Health usually returns as repeated visits restore nervous system integrity.   That's why chiropractic care has helped millions get well and stay well.


About Chiropractic and Pregnancy.
A system of therapy in which disease is considered the result of abnormal function of the nervous system. The method of treatment usually involves manipulation of the spinal column and other body structures.