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What does my posture have to do with my pain?? This is a very common question people ask when they are first looking into Postural Alignment Therapy as a way out of their chronic pain.


Muscle imbalances and poor joint functioning can lead to both acute and chronic injuries. Improper body mechanics may cause spinal alignment problems and muscle shortening, which leads to other muscles being overused or misused, and becoming painful.


Proper postural alignment means that your shoulders are aligned directly over your hips, your hips are squarely balanced over your knees, and your knees are directly over your ankles. In addition, when standing your toes should be facing directly forward with your feet parallel.


If your load-bearing joints are not stacked directly over each other you are likely to suffer from a combination of muscular imbalances, develop restrictions in the range of motion of your joints, and (as a result) experience bodily pain. Learning how to get your critical load-bearing joints back into proper alignment is essential to proper functioning and pain-free living.

As a trained, Postural Alignment Practitioner certified through Egoscue® University, I can analyze your posture and provide you with a personalized assessment and customized menu of simple stretches and exercises (we call them E-cises) specifically designed to address your individual postural and muscular imbalances—imbalances that may be a primary cause of your pain.

Your menu of stretches and exercises will aid you in restoring full, natural function to your muscles and joints—addressing chronic musculoskeletal pain without drugs, surgery or manipulation.


After reviewing your assessment with you I will then train you in how to properly perform each stretch and exercise. An Initial Postural Alignment Analysis & E-cise Session requires 2 hours.
Follow-on sessions require 90 minutes.



What should I expect as a result of a Postural Alignment Assessment and E-cise Session?


The very first day you complete your customized list of easy-to-do E- cises you will begin to feel a difference—and as you continue to do your E-cises your musculoskeletal alignment will improve, your posture will improve, and you will notice a significant difference in your level of pain and discomfort.


What is the benefit of doing my menu on a daily basis?


A dentist that uses Postural Alignment therapy to live pain free said it this way, "Only brush and floss the teeth you want to keep." I believe doing your menu of E-cises daily will help save your bones, joints, and muscles by addressing misalignment issues—and aid you in making progress faster. If you are unable to do your menu every day, then do your menu as often as you can. The more faithful you are in completing your E-cises the more rapid your progress will be.


Can I do one or two exercises in my program without doing the rest?


The answer is , "Yes," and "No." Postural Alignment therapy works best when at least once per day you complete all of your E-cises in the order they're listed in your customized menu. After that, anytime during the day you can trust your instincts and do any E-cise that feels good to you. Remember, you are key to the therapy process—so do as much as you can, as often as you can.


What should I expect for my first visit?


Please bring shorts, tank top, sports bra, or other work out cloths, and something to hold your hair back if it is long. We will be taking pictures of you to analyze your posture so we can give you a custom menu of exercises to reduce the rotations and distortions in your spine caused by long term compensations and old injuries. We also will be discussing where you are hurting and what your goals are. We will watch you walk and perform functional tests on you to see where the dysfunctions are happening. All the exercises will be reviewed to make sure you are doing them correctly. This visit will take between 1.5 and 2 hours.


How many visits will I need to feel better?


Most people feel change immediately when they have been doing the exercises for a few days. Most people have been carrying around old injuries and issues in their bodies for years, and for these to disappear and better patterns to show up, it can take several menus to make big changes. One practitioner I have talked to told me that it takes a minimum of 8 menus for old issues to disappear. To some people this sounds arduous...but when the other choice is living in pain or receiving injections or even it doesn't seem so hard.


How did I get into Postural Alignment Therapy??


I was in pain from the time I was a kid. I was born with hip dysplasia and suffered from pain in my hips, knees and lower back as far back as I can remember. Because the hips were malformed, I eventually had to have surgery on both hips, and because of the many years of compensations...I ended up wearing my knee out too! I needed a total knee replacement! After all of this....and all the scar tissue in my body, compensations everywhere..I began noticing that pain just traveled everywhere in my body. One day my shoulder would go out of alignment, and another day my ankle. I decided something had to change or I would not be able to function anymore. I read the book Pain free and it just made so much sense! I decided to not only receive Postural Alignment sessions with a practitioner, but to also study this amazing approach to bringing the body back to better alignment through very gentle exercises. I now live Pain Free thanks to this technique and I am so excited to share it with you. You have to be ready to make a decision to get into this type of work...because the trick to you getting better lies in your hands. You do the exercises, you get better. You don't do the exercises or update your menus as I give them to you, you won't notice as many changes.


Peggathy Gabriel is a Postural Alignment Specialist Certified Through Egoscue® University, practicing in Albuquerque New Mexico. To reach her call (505)247-4325.



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Postural Alignment Specialist certified through Egoscue University®

Prononced: (E-gos-que) is a technique for treating muscle pain through good posture.